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County Results
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County Results

Lafayette Consolidated Government

Lafayette  Acadiana Gazette (A)
Lafayette  Daily Advertiser (A)
Lafayette   Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette - College
Lafayette   Remington College - College
Lafayette   KADN - TV
Lafayette   KATC - TV
Lafayette   KLFY - TV
Baton Rouge   KLPB - TV
  KHXT   107.9 FM   HipHop
  KMDL   97.3 FM   Country
  KTDY   99.9 FM   Adult Contemp
  KPEL   96.5 FM   News/Talk
  KRVS   88.7 FM   Public Radio
  KFTE   105.1 FM   Rock
  KRDJ   93.7 FM   Rock
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Vikings player goes on Twitter rant against same-sex marriage ruling

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