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County Results
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County Results

Bernalillo County

Albuquerque  Albuquerque Business First (A)
Albuquerque  Albuquerque Journal (A)
Albuquerque  El Semanario (A)
Albuquerque  Health City Sun (A)
Albuquerque  Weekly Alibi (A)
Albuquerque   Brookline College - College
Albuquerque   Univ of New Mexico - College
Albuquerque   KASY - TV
Albuquerque   KNME - TV
Albuquerque   KOAT - TV
Albuquerque   KOB - TV
Albuquerque   KRQE - TV
  KDLW   106.3 FM   Top 40
  KKOB   770 AM   News Radio
  KKOB   93.3 FM   Mix
  KMGA   99.5 FM   Soft Music
  KNKT   107.1 FM   Religion
  KNML   610 AM   Sports
  KRST   92.3 FM   New Country
  KUNM   89.9 FM   Commmunity
  KPEK   100.3 FM   Adult Contemp
  KKOB   770 AM   News/Talk
  KZRR   94.1 FM   Rock
  KBQI   107.9 FM   Country
  KDRF   103.3 FM   Adult Hits
  KKOB   93.3 FM   Top 40
  KLYT   88.3 FM   Christian Rock
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