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North Dakota Cities
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North Dakota Cities and Counties

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Abercrombie   Richland County (W)
Absaraka   Cass County (W)
Adams   Walsh County (W)
Adrian   Stutsman County (W)
Agate   Rolette County (W)
Akra   Pembina County (W)
Alamo   Williams County (W)
Alexander   McKenzie County (W)
Alfred   LaMoure County (W)
Alice   Barnes County (W)
Alkabo   Williams County (W)
Almont   Morton County (W)
Alsen   Cavalier County (W)
Ambrose   Divide County (W)
Amenia   Cass County (W)
Amidon   Slope County (W)
Anamoose   McHenry County (W)
Aneta   Nelson County (W)
Antler   Bottineau County (W)
Appam   Williams County (W)
Apple Valley   Burleigh County (W)
Ardoch   Walsh County (W)
Arena   Burleigh County (W)
Argusville   Cass County (W)
Armourdale   Towner County (W)
Arnegard   McKenzie County (W)
Arthur   Cass County (W)
Arvilla   Grand Forks County (W)
Ashley   McIntosh County (W)
Aurelia   Ward County (W)
Aylmer   McHenry County (W)
Ayr   Cass County (W)
Backoo   Pembina County (W)
Baker   Benson County (W)
Baldwin   Burleigh County (W)
Balfour   McHenry County (W)
Balta   Pierce County (W)
Bantry   McHenry County (W)
Barlow   Foster County (W)
Barney   Richland County (W)
Bartlett   Nelson County (W)
Barton   Bottineau County (W)
Bathgate   Pembina County (W)
Battleview   Burke County (W)
Beach   Golden Valley County (W)
Belcourt   Rolette County (W)
Belden   Mountrail County (W)
Belfield   Stark County (W)
Benedict   McLean County (W)
Bentley   Grant County (W)
Bergen   McHenry County (W)
Berlin   LaMoure County (W)
Berthold   Ward County (W)
Berwick   McHenry County (W)
Beulah   Mercer County (W)
Binford   Griggs County (W)
Bis   Burleigh County (W)
Bisbee   Towner County (W)
Bismarck   Burleigh County (W)
Blaisdell   Ward County (W)
Blanchard   Traill County (W)
Bloom   Stutsman County (W)
Blue Grass   Morton County (W)
Bonetraill   Williams County (W)
Bordulac   Foster County (W)
Bottineau   Bottineau County (W)
Bowbells   Burke County (W)
Bowdon   Wells County (W)
Bowesmont   Pembina County (W)
Bowman   Bowman County (W)
Braddock   Emmons County (W)
Brampton   Sargent County (W)
Brantford   Eddy County (W)
Breien   Sioux County (W)
Bremen   Wells County (W)
Briarwood   Cass County (W)
Brinsmade   Benson County (W)
Brisbane   Grant County (W)
Brocket   Ramsey County (W)
Buchanan   Stutsman County (W)
Bucyrus   Adams County (W)
Buffalo   Cass County (W)
Buffalo Springs   Bowman County (W)
Buford   Williams County (W)
Burlington   Ward County (W)
Burnstad   McIntosh County (W)
Burt   Hettinger County (W)
Butte   McLean County (W)
Buxton   Traill County (W)
Caledonia   Traill County (W)
Calio   Cavalier County (W)
Calvin   Cavalier County (W)
Cando   Towner County (W)
Cannon Ball   Sioux County (W)
Cannonball   Sioux County (W)
Carbury   Bottineau County (W)
Carpio   Ward County (W)
Carrington   Foster County (W)
Carson   Grant County (W)
Cartwright   McKenzie County (W)

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