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Oklahoma Cities
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Oklahoma Cities and Counties

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Achille   Bryan County (W)
Ada   Pontotoc County (W)
Adair   Mayes County (W)
Adams   Texas County (W)
Addington   Jefferson County (W)
Afton   Ottawa County (W)
Agra   Lincoln County (W)
Albany   Bryan County (W)
Albert   Caddo County (W)
Albion   Pushmataha County (W)
Alderson   Pittsburg County (W)
Alex   Grady County (W)
Aline   Alfalfa County (W)
Allen   Pontotoc County (W)
Altus   Jackson County (W)
Altus AFB   Jackson County (W)
Alva   Woods County (W)
Amber   Grady County (W)
Ames   Major County (W)
Amorita   Alfalfa County (W)
Anadarko   Caddo County (W)
Antlers   Pushmataha County (W)
Apache   Caddo County (W)
Arapaho   Custer County (W)
Arcadia   Oklahoma County (W)
Ardmore   Carter County (W)
Arkoma   LeFlore County (W)
Arnett   Ellis County (W)
Asher   Pottawatomie County (W)
Atoka   Atoka County (W)
Atwood   Hughes County (W)
Avant   Osage County (W)
Avery   Payne County (W)
Bache   Pittsburg County (W)
Bacone   Muskogee County (W)
Baker   Beaver County (W)
Balko   Beaver County (W)
Barnsdall   Osage County (W)
Bartlesville   Washington County (W)
Battiest   McCurtain County (W)
Baugh   Pawnee County (W)
Bearden   Okfuskee County (W)
Beaver   Beaver County (W)
Beggs   Okmulgee County (W)
Beland   Muskogee County (W)
Bennington   Bryan County (W)
Bernice   Ottawa County (W)
Bessie   Washita County (W)
Bethany   Oklahoma County (W)
Bethel   McCurtain County (W)
Big Cabin   Craig County (W)
Billings   Noble County (W)
Binger   Caddo County (W)
Bison   Garfield County (W)
Bixby   Tulsa County (W)
Blackwell   Kay County (W)
Blair   Jackson County (W)
Blanchard   McClain County (W)
Blanco   Pittsburg County (W)
Blocker   Pittsburg County (W)
Bluejacket   Craig County (W)
Bluejacket   Ottawa County (W)
Boise City   Cimarron County (W)
Bokchito   Bryan County (W)
Bokoshe   LeFlore County (W)
Boley   Okfuskee County (W)
Bond   McIntosh County (W)
Boss   McCurtain County (W)
Boswell   Choctaw County (W)
Bowlegs   Seminole County (W)
Bowring   Osage County (W)
Boynton   Muskogee County (W)
Bradley   Grady County (W)
Braggs   Muskogee County (W)
Braman   Kay County (W)
Bray   Stephens County (W)
Bristow   Creek County (W)
Broken Arrow   Tulsa County (W)
Broken Arrow   Wagoner County (W)
Broken Bow   McCurtain County (W)
Bromide   Johnston County (W)
Buffalo   Harper County (W)
Bunch   Adair County (W)
Burbank   Osage County (W)
Burlington   Alfalfa County (W)
Burneyville   Love County (W)
Burns Flat   Washita County (W)
Bushyhead   Rogers County (W)
Butler   Custer County (W)
Byars   McClain County (W)
Byron   Alfalfa County (W)
Cache   Comanche County (W)
Caddo   Bryan County (W)
Calera   Bryan County (W)
Calumet   Canadian County (W)
Calvin   Hughes County (W)
Camargo   Dewey County (W)
Cameron   LeFlore County (W)
Canadian   Pittsburg County (W)
Caney   Atoka County (W)

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