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Utah Cities
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Utah Cities and Counties

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Abraham   Millard County (W)
Adamsville   Beaver County (W)
Alpine   Utah County (W)
Alta   Salt Lake County (W)
Altamont   Duchesne County (W)
Alton   Kane County (W)
Altonah   Duchesne County (W)
Amalga   Cache County (W)
American Fork   Utah County (W)
Anchorage   Davis County (W)
Aneth   San Juan County (W)
Angle   Garfield County (W)
Annabella   Sevier County (W)
Antimony   Garfield County (W)
Apple Valley   Washington County (W)
Arcadia   Duchesne County (W)
Arches   Grand County (W)
Arsenal   Davis County (W)
Aurora   Sevier County (W)
Austin   Sevier County (W)
Avon   Cache County (W)
Axtell   Sanpete County (W)
Ballard   Duchesne County (W)
Bauer   Tooele County (W)
Bear River City   Box Elder County (W)
Beaver   Beaver County (W)
Beaverdam   Box Elder County (W)
Beeton   Box Elder County (W)
Belmont Heights   Salt Lake County (W)
Benjamin   Utah County (W)
Bennion   Salt Lake County (W)
Benson   Cache County (W)
Beryl   Iron County (W)
Beryl Junction   Iron County (W)
Bethel   Millard County (W)
Bicknell   Wayne County (W)
Big Water   Kane County (W)
Bingham   Salt Lake County (W)
Bingham Canyon   Salt Lake County (W)
Birdseye   Sanpete County (W)
Blanding   San Juan County (W)
Bloomington   Washington County (W)
Bloomington Hills   Washington County (W)
Bluebell   Duchesne County (W)
Bluff   San Juan County (W)
Bluffdale   Salt Lake County (W)
Bonanza   Uintah County (W)
Boneta   Duchesne County (W)
Bonnie   Utah County (W)
Bothwell   Box Elder County (W)
Bottle Hollow   Uintah County (W)
Boulder   Garfield County (W)
Bountiful   Davis County (W)
Bowery Haven   Sevier County (W)
Brian Head   Iron County (W)
Bridgeland   Duchesne County (W)
Brigham   Box Elder County (W)
Brigham City   Box Elder County (W)
Brighton   Salt Lake County (W)
Brookside   Washington County (W)
Bryce   Garfield County (W)
Bryce Canyon   Garfield County (W)
Bullfrog   San Juan County (W)
Bunker   Utah County (W)
Burbank   Beaver County (W)
Burmester   Tooele County (W)
Burrville   Sevier County (W)
Bushnell   Box Elder County (W)
BYU   Utah County (W)
Cache Junction   Cache County (W)
Caineville   Wayne County (W)
Callao   Tooele County (W)
Camp Williams   Salt Lake County (W)
Cannonville   Garfield County (W)
Canyonlands   Grand County (W)
Capitol Reef   Wayne County (W)
Carbonville   Carbon County (W)
Castle Dale   Emery County (W)
Castle Gate   Carbon County (W)
Castle Valley   Grand County (W)
Castleton   Grand County (W)
Cedar City   Iron County (W)
Cedar Fort   Utah County (W)
Cedar Hills   Utah County (W)
Cedar Valley   Utah County (W)
Center Creek   Wasatch County (W)
Centerfield   Sanpete County (W)
Centerville   Davis County (W)
Central   Washington County (W)
Central Valley   Sevier County (W)
Charleston   Wasatch County (W)
Chester   Sanpete County (W)
Church of Jesus Christ of Ld   Salt Lake County (W)
Circleville   Piute County (W)
Cisco   Grand County (W)
Clarkston   Cache County (W)
Clawson   Emery County (W)
Clearfield   Davis County (W)
Cleveland   Emery County (W)
Clinton   Davis County (W)

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