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Vermont Cities
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Vermont Cities and Counties

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Abnaki   Grand Isle County (W)
Adamant   Washington County (W)
Adams Landing   Grand Isle County (W)
Addison   Addison County (W)
Albany   Orleans County (W)
Albany Center   Orleans County (W)
Albertson   Rutland County (W)
Alburg   Grand Isle County (W)
Alburg Center   Grand Isle County (W)
Alburg Springs   Grand Isle County (W)
Alfrecha   Rutland County (W)
Alpine Haven   Franklin County (W)
Alpine Village   Washington County (W)
Ames Hill   Windham County (W)
Amsden   Windsor County (W)
Andover   Windsor County (W)
Anthony   Bennington County (W)
Arlington   Bennington County (W)
Arlington Center   Bennington County (W)
Arnold Bay   Addison County (W)
Arrowhead Lake   Chittenden County (W)
Ascutney   Windsor County (W)
Athens   Windsor County (W)
Avalon Beach   Rutland County (W)
Averill   Essex County (W)
Bakersfield   Franklin County (W)
Baltimore   Windsor County (W)
Barnard   Windsor County (W)
Barnet   Caledonia County (W)
Barnet Center   Caledonia County (W)
Barnumsville   Bennington County (W)
Barnumtown   Addison County (W)
Barre   Washington County (W)
Barre Junction   Washington County (W)
Barton   Orleans County (W)
Bartonsville   Windsor County (W)
Basin Harbor   Addison County (W)
Beanville   Orange County (W)
Beaulieus Corner   Franklin County (W)
Beebe Plain   Orleans County (W)
Beecher Falls   Essex County (W)
Beldons   Addison County (W)
Bellevue Hill   Franklin County (W)
Bellows Falls   Windham County (W)
Belmont   Rutland County (W)
Belvidere   Lamoille County (W)
Belvidere Center   Lamoille County (W)
Belvidere Corners   Lamoille County (W)
Belvidere Junction   Lamoille County (W)
Bennington   Bennington County (W)
Bennington College   Bennington County (W)
Benson   Rutland County (W)
Benson Landing   Rutland County (W)
Berkshire   Franklin County (W)
Berkshire Center   Franklin County (W)
Berlin   Washington County (W)
Bethel   Windsor County (W)
Bethel Gilead   Orange County (W)
Binghamville   Lamoille County (W)
Birdland   Grand Isle County (W)
Bliss Pond   Washington County (W)
Blissville   Rutland County (W)
Bloomfield   Essex County (W)
Blossoms Corners   Rutland County (W)
Bolton   Washington County (W)
Bolton Valley   Chittenden County (W)
Boltonville   Orange County (W)
Bomoseen   Rutland County (W)
Bondville   Bennington County (W)
Bordoville   Franklin County (W)
Boutswells   Washington County (W)
Bowlsville   Rutland County (W)
Bradford   Orange County (W)
Bragg   Windsor County (W)
Braintree   Orange County (W)
Branch   Lamoille County (W)
Brandon   Rutland County (W)
Brattleboro   Windham County (W)
Brattleboro Center   Windham County (W)
Bread Loaf   Addison County (W)
Bridgeport   Addison County (W)
Bridgewater   Windsor County (W)
Bridgewater Center   Windsor County (W)
Bridgewater Corners   Windsor County (W)
Bridport   Addison County (W)
Brighton   Essex County (W)
Brimstone Corner   Orange County (W)
Brimstone Corners   Rutland County (W)
Bristol   Addison County (W)
Brockways Mills   Windsor County (W)
Bromley Mtn   Bennington County (W)
Bromley Mtn   Windham County (W)
Brookfield   Orange County (W)
Brookfield Center   Orange County (W)
Brookline   Windham County (W)
Brookside   Chittenden County (W)
Brookside   Windham County (W)
Brooksville   Addison County (W)
Brookville   Addison County (W)
Brownington   Orleans County (W)

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