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Wyoming Cities
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Wyoming Cities and Counties

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Acme   Sheridan County (W)
Afton   Lincoln County (W)
Aladdin   Crook County (W)
Albin   Laramie County (W)
Alcova   Natrona County (W)
Allendale   Natrona County (W)
Alpine   Lincoln County (W)
Alta   Teton County (W)
Alva   Crook County (W)
Arapahoe   Fremont County (W)
Archer   Laramie County (W)
Arlington   Albany County (W)
Arminto   Natrona County (W)
Arvada   Sheridan County (W)
Atlantic City   Fremont County (W)
Auburn   Lincoln County (W)
Baggs   Carbon County (W)
Bairoil   Sweetwater County (W)
Banner   Sheridan County (W)
Bar Nunn   Natrona County (W)
Basin   Big Horn County (W)
Bedford   Lincoln County (W)
Beulah   Crook County (W)
Big Horn   Sheridan County (W)
Big Piney   Sublette County (W)
Bill   Converse County (W)
Bitter Creek   Sweetwater County (W)
Bondurant   Sublette County (W)
Bordeaux   Platte County (W)
Bosler   Albany County (W)
Boulder   Sublette County (W)
Buffalo   Johnson County (W)
Buford   Albany County (W)
Burlington   Big Horn County (W)
Burns   Laramie County (W)
Burris   Fremont County (W)
Byron   Big Horn County (W)
Carlile   Crook County (W)
Carpenter   Laramie County (W)
Casper   Carbon County (W)
Casper   Natrona County (W)
Centennial   Albany County (W)
Cheyenne   Laramie County (W)
Chugwater   Platte County (W)
Clearmont   Sheridan County (W)
Cody   Park County (W)
Cokeville   Lincoln County (W)
Colter Bay   Teton County (W)
Cora   Sublette County (W)
Cowley   Big Horn County (W)
Creston   Carbon County (W)
Crowheart   Fremont County (W)
Daniel   Sublette County (W)
Dayton   Sheridan County (W)
Deaver   Big Horn County (W)
Devils Tower   Crook County (W)
Diamond   Platte County (W)
Diamondville   Lincoln County (W)
Dixon   Carbon County (W)
Douglas   Converse County (W)
Dubois   Fremont County (W)
Eden   Sweetwater County (W)
Edgerton   Natrona County (W)
Egbert   Laramie County (W)
Elk Mountain   Carbon County (W)
Elmo   Carbon County (W)
Emblem   Big Horn County (W)
Encampment   Carbon County (W)
Ethete   Fremont County (W)
Etna   Lincoln County (W)
Evanston   Uinta County (W)
Evansville   Natrona County (W)
Fairview   Lincoln County (W)
Farson   Sweetwater County (W)
FE Warren AFB   Laramie County (W)
Fontenelle   Lincoln County (W)
Fort Bridger   Uinta County (W)
Fort Laramie   Goshen County (W)
Fort Steele   Carbon County (W)
Fort Washakie   Fremont County (W)
Four Corners   Weston County (W)
Foxpark   Albany County (W)
Frannie   Park County (W)
Freedom   Lincoln County (W)
Frontier   Lincoln County (W)
Garland   Park County (W)
Garrett   Albany County (W)
Gas Hills   Fremont County (W)
Gillette   Campbell County (W)
Glendo   Platte County (W)
Glenrock   Converse County (W)
Granger   Sweetwater County (W)
Granite Canyon   Laramie County (W)
Grass Creek   Hot Springs County (W)
Green River   Sweetwater County (W)
Greybull   Big Horn County (W)
Grover   Lincoln County (W)
Guernsey   Platte County (W)
Hamilton Dome   Hot Springs County (W)
Hamsfork   Lincoln County (W)

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