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Idaho Counties
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Idaho Counties and Cities

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Ada County   Boise (W)
Ada County   Collister (W)
Ada County   Eagle (W)
Ada County   Garden City (W)
Ada County   Kuna (W)
Ada County   Mayfield (W)
Ada County   Meridian (W)
Ada County   Mora (W)
Ada County   Pearl (W)
Ada County   Star (W)
Ada County   Ustick (W)
Ada County   West One Bank (W)
Adams County   Bear (W)
Adams County   Council (W)
Adams County   Cuprum (W)
Adams County   Fruitvale (W)
Adams County   Goodrich (W)
Adams County   Hornet (W)
Adams County   Indian Valley (W)
Adams County   Meadows (W)
Adams County   Mesa (W)
Adams County   New Meadows (W)
Adams County   Pine Ridge (W)
Adams County   Tamarack (W)
Bannock County   Arimo (W)
Bannock County   Bannock (W)
Bannock County   Chubbuck (W)
Bannock County   Downey (W)
Bannock County   Garden Creek (W)
Bannock County   Hawkins (W)
Bannock County   Inkom (W)
Bannock County   Lava Hot Springs (W)
Bannock County   McCammon (W)
Bannock County   Pocatello (W)
Bannock County   Robin (W)
Bannock County   Swanlake (W)
Bannock County   Topaz (W)
Bannock County   Tyhee (W)
Bannock County   Virginia (W)
Bannock County   Westwood Village (W)
Bear Lake County   Bennington (W)
Bear Lake County   Bern (W)
Bear Lake County   Bloomington (W)
Bear Lake County   Dingle (W)
Bear Lake County   Fish Haven (W)
Bear Lake County   Geneva (W)
Bear Lake County   Georgetown (W)
Bear Lake County   Glencoe (W)
Bear Lake County   Liberty (W)
Bear Lake County   Montpelier (W)
Bear Lake County   Nounan (W)
Bear Lake County   Ovid (W)
Bear Lake County   Paris (W)
Bear Lake County   Pegram (W)
Bear Lake County   Raymond (W)
Bear Lake County   Saint Charles (W)
Bear Lake County   Wardboro (W)
Benewah County   Desmet (W)
Benewah County   Fernwood (W)
Benewah County   Plummer (W)
Benewah County   Saint Maries (W)
Benewah County   Sanders (W)
Benewah County   Santa (W)
Benewah County   Tensed (W)
Bingham County   Aberdeen (W)
Bingham County   Atomic City (W)
Bingham County   Basalt (W)
Bingham County   Blackfoot (W)
Bingham County   Firth (W)
Bingham County   Fort Hall (W)
Bingham County   Fort Hall Indian Reservation (W)
Bingham County   Gibson (W)
Bingham County   Goshen (W)
Bingham County   Groveland (W)
Bingham County   Jamestown (W)
Bingham County   Kimball (W)
Bingham County   Lower Presto (W)
Bingham County   Moreland (W)
Bingham County   Pingree (W)
Bingham County   Pocatello (W)
Bingham County   Riverside (W)
Bingham County   Rockford (W)
Bingham County   Rose (W)
Bingham County   Shelley (W)
Bingham County   Springfield (W)
Bingham County   Sterling (W)
Bingham County   Taber (W)
Bingham County   Thomas (W)
Bingham County   Thomas Junction (W)
Bingham County   Wapello (W)
Bingham County   Woodville (W)
Blaine County   Bellevue (W)
Blaine County   Broadford (W)
Blaine County   Carey (W)
Blaine County   Elk Horn (W)
Blaine County   Gannett (W)
Blaine County   Hailey (W)
Blaine County   Hot Spring Landing (W)
Blaine County   Ketchum (W)
Blaine County   Magic City (W)

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