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Virginia Counties
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Virginia Counties and Cities

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Accomack County   Accomac (W)
Accomack County   Assawoman (W)
Accomack County   Atlantic (W)
Accomack County   Belle Haven (W)
Accomack County   Bloxom (W)
Accomack County   Chincoteague Island (W)
Accomack County   Craddockville (W)
Accomack County   Davis Wharf (W)
Accomack County   Greenbackville (W)
Accomack County   Greenbush (W)
Accomack County   Hacksneck (W)
Accomack County   Hallwood (W)
Accomack County   Harborton (W)
Accomack County   Horntown (W)
Accomack County   Jenkins Bridge (W)
Accomack County   Keller (W)
Accomack County   Lee Mont (W)
Accomack County   Locustville (W)
Accomack County   Mappsville (W)
Accomack County   Mears (W)
Accomack County   Melfa (W)
Accomack County   Modest Town (W)
Accomack County   Nelsonia (W)
Accomack County   New Church (W)
Accomack County   Oak Hall (W)
Accomack County   Onancock (W)
Accomack County   Onley (W)
Accomack County   Painter (W)
Accomack County   Parksley (W)
Accomack County   Pungoteague (W)
Accomack County   Quinby (W)
Accomack County   Sanford (W)
Accomack County   Saxis (W)
Accomack County   Tangier (W)
Accomack County   Tasley (W)
Accomack County   Temperanceville (W)
Accomack County   Wachapreague (W)
Accomack County   Wallops Island (W)
Accomack County   Wattsville (W)
Accomack County   Withams (W)
Albemarle County   Batesville (W)
Albemarle County   Boyd Tavern (W)
Albemarle County   Campbell (W)
Albemarle County   Charlottesville (W)
Albemarle County   Chville (W)
Albemarle County   Cismont (W)
Albemarle County   Cobham (W)
Albemarle County   Covesville (W)
Albemarle County   Crozet (W)
Albemarle County   Earlysville (W)
Albemarle County   Esmont (W)
Albemarle County   Free Union (W)
Albemarle County   Greenwood (W)
Albemarle County   Howardsville (W)
Albemarle County   Ivy (W)
Albemarle County   Keene (W)
Albemarle County   Keswick (W)
Albemarle County   Mission Home (W)
Albemarle County   North Garden (W)
Albemarle County   Scottsville (W)
Albemarle County   Shadwell (W)
Albemarle County   South Garden (W)
Albemarle County   White Hall (W)
Albemarle County   Yancey Mills (W)
Alleghany County   Iron Gate (W)
Alleghany County   Low Moor (W)
Alleghany County   Selma (W)
Amelia County   Amelia (W)
Amelia County   Amelia Court House (W)
Amelia County   Jetersville (W)
Amelia County   Mannboro (W)
Amherst County   Amherst (W)
Amherst County   Clifford (W)
Amherst County   Falconerville (W)
Amherst County   Madison Heights (W)
Amherst County   Monroe (W)
Amherst County   Sweet Briar (W)
Amherst County   Wrights Shop (W)
Appomattox County   Appomattox (W)
Appomattox County   Darlington Heights (W)
Appomattox County   Evergreen (W)
Appomattox County   Pamplin (W)
Appomattox County   Spout Spring (W)
Arlington County   Arlington (W)
Arlington County   Crystal City (W)
Arlington County   Fort Myer (W)
Arlington County   Marine Corps Institute (W)
Arlington County   South (W)
Augusta County   Augusta Springs (W)
Augusta County   Churchville (W)
Augusta County   Craigsville (W)
Augusta County   Crimora (W)
Augusta County   Deerfield (W)
Augusta County   Fishersville (W)
Augusta County   Fort Defiance (W)
Augusta County   Greenville (W)
Augusta County   Lyndhurst (W)
Augusta County   Middlebrook (W)
Augusta County   Mint Spring (W)
Augusta County   Mount Sidney (W)

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