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Immigration Headlines

Immigration - 7/4/10
Border issue no longer a bright political divide
Story at Arizona Daily Star. (T)
Article:   Fewer people are crossing Arizona's border from Mexico.
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Immigration - 7/3/10
Cardinals' Tony La Russa speaks out for Arizona law
Story at Detroit Free Press. (T)
Article:   "...states should take care of what the federal government's not taking care of..."
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Immigration - 7/2/10
Border Roundup: Immigration the 'story behind the story'
Story at (T)
Article:   Gov. Jan Brewer said she was "disappointed to say the least"
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Immigration - 7/1/10
White House Day Ahead; Immigration is Front and Center
Story at FOXNews. (T)
Article:   Mr. Obama will take the stage at American University in Washington to talk about the changes he'd like to see
Twitter Search: Obama immigration (T)

Immigration - 6/30/10
Obama sets another speech to fix the Arizona illegal immigrant situation
Story at Los Angeles Times. (T)
Article:   polls showing he's on the losing end of the public opinion
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Immigration - 6/29/10
Poll: Ohioans like Arizona immigration law
Story at
Article:   45-35 percent they would like Ohio to pass an immigration law similar to the law in Arizona
Twitter Search: immigration law (T)

Immigration - 6/28/10
Huge demand to live in US part of illegal immigration problem
Story at Arizona Republic. (T)
Article:   ar outweighs the number of people that immigration laws allow to move here legally
Twitter Search: illegal immigration (T)

Immigration - 6/27/10
Arizona Dem Reaffirms Charge That Feds Moved Conferences to Protest State's Immigration Law
Story at FOXNews. (T)
Article:   allegations that two federal agencies moved their conferences from the state
Twitter Search: illegal immigration (T)

Immigration - 6/26/10
Others want Arizona-style immigration law
Story at Columbus Dispatch. (T)
Article:   lawmakers in nearly 20 other states already are clamoring to follow in its footsteps
Twitter Search: Arizona immigration (T)

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