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Newspapers by State

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Ackley  Ackley World Journal (A) (C) (W)
Adel  Dallas County News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Akron  Hometowner (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Albia  Albia Union-Republican (A) (C) (F) (W)
Algona  Algona Upper Des Moines (A) (C) (W) (V)
Allison  Butler County Tribune-Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Altoona  Altoona Herald-Index (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Ames  Daily Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Anamosa  Journal-Eureka (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Atlantic  Atlantic News Telegraph (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Atlantic  SW Iowa News Source (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Audubon  Audubon County Advocate Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Bedford  Bedford Times-Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Belle Plaine  Star Press Union (A) (C) (F) (W)
Bellevue  Bellevue Herald-Leader (A) (C) (F) (W)
Belmond  Independent (A) (C) (F) (W)
Bettendorf  Bettendorf News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Bloomfield  Bloomfield Democrat (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Boone  Boone News-Republican (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Britt  Britt News Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Britt  The Leader (A) (C) (F) (W)
Buffalo Center  Buffalo Center Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Burlington  Hawk Eye (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (I)
Calmar  Calmar Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Carroll  Carroll Daily Times Herald (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Cascade  Cascade Pioneer (A) (C) (F) (W)
Cedar Rapids  Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Centerville  Centerville Daily Iowegian (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Chariton  Chariton Herald-Patriot (A) (C) (W)
Charles City  Charles City Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Cherokee  Chronicle Times (A) (C) (F) (W)
Clarinda  Clarinda Herald-Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Clarion  Wright County Monitor (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Clear Lake  Clear Lake Mirror Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Clinton  Clinton Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Columbus Junction  Columbus Gazette (A) (C) (W)
Corning  Adams County Free Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Corydon  Times-Republican (A) (C) (W)
Council Bluffs  Daily Nonpareil (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Cresco  Times Plain Dealer (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Creston  Creston News Advertiser (A) (C) (F) (W)
Danbury  Danbury Review (A) (C) (F) (W)
Davenport  Quad City Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Davenport  River Cities Reader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Decorah  Decorah Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (W)
Denison  Bulletin & Review (A) (C) (F) (W)
Denver  Denver Forum (A) (C) (F) (W)
Des Moines  Des Moines Register (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Dewitt  DeWitt Observer (A) (C) (F) (W)
Dubuque  Telegraph Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Dyersville  Dyersville Commercial (A) (C) (F) (W)
Dysart  Dysart Reporter (A) (C) (W)
Eagle Grove  Eagle Grove Eagle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Eldridge  North Scott Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Elgin  Elgin Echo (A) (C) (F) (W)
Elkader  Clayton County Register (A) (C) (F) (W)
Emmetsburg  Emmetsburg Democrat (A) (C) (F) (W)
Estherville  Estherville Daily News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Fairfield  Fairfield Ledger (A) (C) (W)
Fayette  Fayette Leader (A) (C) (F) (W)
Forest City  Forest City Summit (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Fort Dodge  Messenger (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Fort Madison  Daily Democrat (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Gladbrook  Northern Sun Print (A) (C) (W)
Glenwood  Opinion-Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Greenfield  Adair County Free Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Grinnell  Chronicle Republican (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Grundy Center  Grundy Register (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Guttenberg  Guttenberg Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Hamburg  Hamburg Reporter (A) (C) (F) (W)
Hampton  Hampton Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Harlan  Harlan Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Hull  Sioux County Index-Reporter (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Humboldt  Humboldt Independent (A) (C) (W)
Ida Grove  Ida County Courier (A) (C) (T) (W) (V)
Independence  Independence Bulletin-Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Indianola  Record-Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Inwood  West Lyon Herald (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Iowa City  Press-Citizen (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (I)
Iowa Falls  Times-Citizen (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Jesup  Jesup Citizen Herald Online (A) (C) (F) (W)
Kalona  Kalona News (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Kanawha  Leader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Keokuk  Daily Gate City (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Keota  Keota Eagle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Knoxville  Knoxville Journal Express (A) (C) (F) (W)
La Porte City  Progress-Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Lake City  Graphic-Advocate (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Lake Mills  Lake Mills Graphic (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Le Mars  Daily Sentinel (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Logan  Herald-Observer (A) (C) (F) (W)
Manchester  Manchester Press (A) (C) (W)
Manson  Calhoun County Journal-Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Mapleton  Mapleton Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Maquoketa  Maquoketa Sentinel-Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Marion  Marion Times (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Marshalltown  Times-Republican (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Mason City  Globe-Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
McGregor  North Iowa Times (A) (C) (F) (W)
Missouri Valley  Missouri Valley Times-News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Monroe  Monroe Legacy (A) (C) (F) (W)
Monticello  Monticello Express (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Mount Ayr  Mount Ayr Record-News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mount Pleasant  Mt. Pleasant News (A) (C) (T) (W)
Mount Vernon  Mt. Vernon-Lisbon Sun (A) (C) (W)
Moville  Moville Record (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Muscatine  Muscatine Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Nashua  Nashua Reporter (A) (C) (W) (V)
Nevada  Nevada Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
New Hampton  New Hampton Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
New Sharon  New Sharon Sun (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Newton  Newton Daily News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
North Liberty  North Liberty Leader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Oelwein  Daily Register (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Ogden  Ogden Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Orange City  Sioux County Capital-Democrat (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Osage  Mitchell County Press News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Osceola  Sentinel-Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Oskaloosa  Oskaloosa Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Ossian  Ossian Bee (A) (C) (F) (W)
Ottumwa  Ottumwa Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Pella  Pella Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Perry  Perry Chief (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Red Oak  Red Oak Express (A) (C) (F) (W)
Reinbeck  Reinbeck Courier (A) (C) (F) (W)
Rock Rapids  Lyon County Reporter (A) (C) (F) (W)
Rockwell  Rockwell Pioneer Enterprise (A) (C) (F) (W)
Sheffield  Sheffield Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Sheldon  N'West Iowa Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Shenandoah  Valley News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Sigourney  Sigourney News-Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Sioux City  Sioux City Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Slater  Slater Tri County Times (A) (C) (F) (W)
Solon  Solon Economist (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Spencer  Daily Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Spirit Lake  Dickinson County News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
State Center  Mid-Iowa Enterprise (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Storm Lake  Pilot Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Storm Lake  Storm Lake Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Tama  Tama News-Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Tipton  Tipton Conservative (A) (C) (F) (W)
Toledo  Toledo Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Traer  Traer Star-Clipper (A) (C) (W)
Vinton  Vinton Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Washington  Washington Evening Journal (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Waterloo  Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Waukon  Waukon Standard (A) (C) (W)
Waverly  Waverly Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Webster City  Daily Freeman-Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
West Branch  West Branch Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
West Liberty  West Liberty Index (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
West Union  Fayette County Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (W)
Williamsburg  Williamsburg Journal Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Winterset  Winterset Madisonian (A) (C) (W)


Untitled Document Statewide  Iowa Farmer Today (F) (T)
Statewide  Midwest Today
Statewide  Okoboji Online (F) (T)
Statewide  The Iowan (F) (V)
Statewide  Travel Iowa (F) (T)

College Newspapers

Untitled Document Buena Vista  Tack (F) (T) (V)
Cornell College  The Cornellian (F)
Drake  Times-Delphic (F) (T) (V)
Grinnell  Scarlet and Black (F) (T) (V)
Iowa State  Daily (F) (T) (V)
Kirkwood Community College  The Communique (F) (T) (V)
Simpson  Simpsonian (F) (T)
Univ of Iowa  Daily Iowan (F) (T) (V)
Univ of Nothern Iowa  Northern Iowan (F) (T) (V)
Wartburg College  The Circuit (F) (T) (V)

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