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Newspapers by State

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Addison  Addison Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Albion  Navigator Journal-Register (A) (C) (W)
Aledo  Times Record (A) (C) (F) (W)
Altamont  Altamont News (A) (C) (W)
Alton  Telegraph (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Amboy  Amboy News (A) (C) (W)
Anna  Anna Gazette Democrat (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Arcola  Arcola Record-Herald (A) (C) (F) (W)
Arlington Heights  Daily Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Arlington Heights  Journal & Topics (A) (C) (F) (W)
Ashton  Ashton Gazette (A) (C) (F) (W)
Astoria  Astoria South Fulton Argus (A) (C) (W)
Aurora  Beacon News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Aurora  The Voice (A) (C) (F) (W)
Barrington  Courier-Review (A) (C) (F) (W) (V) (I)
Bartlett  Bartlett Examiner (A) (C) (W)
Bartlett  Bartlett Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Beardstown  Cass County Star-Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Belleville  News-Democrat (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Bensenville  Bensenville Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Benton  Evening News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Berkeley  Berkeley Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Berwyn  Berwyn Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Bloomingdale  Bloomingdale Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Bloomington  Pantagraph (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Bolingbrook  Bolingbrook Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Bourbonnais  Herald Country Market (A) (C) (F) (W)
Braidwood  Braidwood Journal (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Broadview  Broadview Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Brookfield  Brookfield Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Buffalo Grove  Buffalo Grove Countryside (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Burr Ridge  Burr Ridge Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Byron  Northern Ogle County Tempo (A) (C) (W)
Cairo  Cairo Citizen (A) (C) (F) (W)
Cambridge  Cambridge Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Canton  Daily Ledger (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Carbondale  Southern Illinoisan (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Carlinville  Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Carmi  Carmi Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Carol Stream  Carol Stream Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Carrollton  Greene Prairie Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Carthage  Hancock County Journal-Pilot (A) (C) (F) (W)
Casey  Casey Westfield News-Sun (A) (C) (W)
Champaign  News-Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Charleston  Charleston Times-Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Chester  Randolph County Herald Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Chicago  Austin Weekly News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Beverly Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Brighton Park Park Life (A) (C) (W)
Chicago  Bulgaria Sega (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Chicago Citizen (A) (C) (W)
Chicago  Chicago Crusader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Chicago  Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (A) (C) (W)
Chicago  Chicago Defender (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Chicago Reader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Chicago Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Chicago Southwest News-Herald (A) (C) (F) (W)
Chicago  Chicago Sun Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Chicago Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Crain's Chicago Business (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Draugas (A) (C) (F) (W)
Chicago  Dziennik Zwiazkowy (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  El Dia Chicago (A) (C) (F) (W)
Chicago  Extra Bilingual Newspaper (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Fra Noi (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Gazette Chicago (A) (C) (W)
Chicago  Hyde Park Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  India Bulletin (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Irish American News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Chicago  La Raza (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Lawndale News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  My Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Nadig Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Nuevo Siglo (A) (C) (W)
Chicago  RedEye (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Reflejos (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago  Sun Times News Group (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Vivelo Hoy (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chicago  Windy City Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Chicago Heights  Daily Southtown (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Chillicothe  Chillicothe Times-Bulletin (A) (C) (F) (W)
Cicero  Cicero Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Clarendon Hills  Clarendon Hills Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Clifton  Clifton Advocate (A) (C) (F) (W)
Clinton  Clinton Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Coal City  Coal City Courant (A) (C) (F) (W)
Countryside  Countryside Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Crystal Lake  Northwest Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Danville  Danville Commercial-News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Danville  Danville News Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Darien  Darien Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Decatur  Decatur Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Decatur  Herald & Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Deerfield  Deerfield Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Dekalb  Daily Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Dekalb  DeKalb MidWeek (A) (C) (F) (W)
Dekalb  Valley Free Press (A) (C) (W)
Des Plaines  Des Plaines Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Dixon  Sauk Valley Newspapers (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Downers Grove  Downers Grove Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Du Quoin  Du Quoin Evening Call (A) (C) (F) (W)
East Peoria  East Peoria Times-Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Edwardsville  Edwardsville Intelligencer (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Effingham  Effingham Daily News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Elburn  Elburn Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Elgin  Courier News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Elk Grove Village  Elk Grove Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Elmhurst  Elmhurst Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Elmwood Park  Elmwood Park Leaves (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Eureka  Woodford County Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Evanston  Evanston Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Evanston  Evanston RoundTable (A) (C) (T) (W)
Flora  Clay County Advocate-Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Forest Park  Forest Park Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Forestview  Forestview Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Frankfort  Frankfort Station (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Franklin Park  Herald-Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Freeburg  Freeburg Tribune (A) (C) (F) (W)
Freeport  Freeport Journal-Standard (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Galena  Galena Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Galesburg  Register Mail (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Galva  Galva News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Geneseo  Geneseo Republic (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Georgetown  Independent News (A) (C) (W)
Gibson City  Gibson City Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Gilman  Gilman Star (A) (C) (W)
Glen Ellyn  Glen Ellyn News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Glencoe  Glencoe News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Glendale Heights  Glendale Heights Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Glenview  Glenview Announcements (A) (C) (F) (W) (V) (I)
Glenview  Glenview Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Glenview  Glenview Lantern (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Goreville  Goreville Gazette (A) (C) (F) (W)
Granville  Putnam County Record (A) (C) (F) (W)
Grayslake  Lake County Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Hanover Park  Hanover Park Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Hardin  Calhoun News Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Harrisburg  Daily Register (A) (C) (F) (W)
Havana  Mason County Democrat (A) (C) (F) (W)
Herscher  Herscher Pilot (A) (C) (F) (W)
Highland  Highland News Leader (A) (C) (F) (W)
Highland Park  Highland Park Landmark (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Highland Park  Highland Park News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Hillsboro  Journal-News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Hillside  Hillside Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Hinsdale  Doings (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Hinsdale  Hinsdale Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Hinsdale  Hinsdalean (A) (C) (T) (W)
Hodgkins  Hodgkins Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Homer Glen  Homer Horizon (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Hoopeston  Hoopeston Chronicle (A) (C) (W)
Indian Head Park  Indian Head Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Itasca  Itasca Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Jacksonville  Journal-Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Jerseyville  Jersey County Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Joliet  Herald News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Joliet  Times Weekly (A) (C) (F) (W)
Kankakee  Daily Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Kewanee  Star Courier (A) (C) (F) (W)
La Grange  Doings (A) (C) (F) (W) (V) (I)
La Grange  La Grange Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
La Grange Park  Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
La Harpe  Hancock County Quill (A) (C) (F) (W)
La Salle  News Tribune (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Lake Forest  Lake Forester (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Lake Zurich  Lake Zurich Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Lawrenceville  Daily Record (A) (C) (W)
Lemont  Lemont Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Lewistown  Fulton Democrat (A) (C) (F) (W)
Libertyville  Libertyville Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Lincoln  Lincoln Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Lincoln  Lincoln Daily News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Lincolnwood  Lincolnwood Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Lisle  Lisle Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Lockport  Lockport Legend (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Lombard  Lombard Spectator (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Lombard  Lombardian (A) (C) (W)
Lyons  Lyons Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Macomb  McDonough Voice (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Mahomet  Mahomet Citizen (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mahomet  Mahomet Daily (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (I)
Manhattan  Manhattan American (A) (C) (W)
Manteno  Manteno News (A) (C) (W)
Marion  Daily Republican (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Marshall  Marshall Advocate (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mascoutah  Mascoutah Herald (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mattoon  Journal-Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
McCook  McCook Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
McLeansboro  Times-Leader (A) (C) (W)
Mendota  Mendota Reporter (A) (C) (F) (W)
Metropolis  Metropolis Planet (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Mokena  Mokena Messenger (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Moline  Dispatch (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Momence  Momence Progress Reporter (A) (C) (W)
Monee  Record-Monitor (A) (C) (W)
Monmouth  Daily Review Atlas (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Monticello  Piatt County Journal-Republican (A) (C) (F) (W)
Morris  Morris Daily Herald (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Morton  Morton Courier (A) (C) (F) (W)
Morton  Morton Times-News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Morton Grove  Morton Grove Champion (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Mount Carmel  Mount Carmel Register (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mount Carroll  Carroll County Mirror-Democrat (A) (C) (W)
Mount Prospect  Mount Prospect Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Mount Sterling  Brown County Democrat-Message (A) (C) (W)
Mount Vernon  Register-News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Mundelein  Mundelein Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Naperville  Naperville Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Naperville  Naperville Sun (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
New Lenox  New Lenox Patriot (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Newman  Newman Independent (A) (C) (F) (W)
Newton  Newton Press-Mentor (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Niles  Herald-Spectator (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Niles  Niles Bugle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (I)
Niles  Niles Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Normal  Normalite (A) (C) (F) (W)
Norridge  Norridge-Harwood Heights News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
North Riverside  North Riverside Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Northbrook  Northbrook Star (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Northbrook  Northbrook Tower (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
O Fallon  O'Fallon Progress (A) (C) (F) (W)
Oak Brook  Oak Brook Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Oak Park  Oak Park Leaves (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Oak Park  Wednesday Journal (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Oakbrook Terrace  Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Okawville  Okawville Times (A) (C) (W)
Olney  Olney Daily Mail (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Oregon  Ogle County Life (A) (C) (F) (W)
Oregon  Ogle County News (A) (C) (W)
Orion  Orion Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Orland Park  Orland Park Prairie (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Oswego  Fox Valley News Shopper (A) (C) (W)
Ottawa  Daily Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Palos Heights  Regional News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Pana  Pana News-Palladium (A) (C) (F) (W)
Paris  Beacon-News (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Park Ridge  Park Ridge Herald-Advocate (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Park Ridge  Park Ridge Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Paxton  Ford County Record (A) (C) (F) (W)
Pekin  Pekin Daily Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Peoria  Bradley Hoops (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Peoria  Peoria Journal Star (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Peotone  Peotone Vedette (A) (C) (F) (W)
Pittsfield  Pike Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Plainfield  Enterprise (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (I)
Pontiac  Daily Leader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Princeton  Bureau County Republican (A) (C) (F) (W)
Prospect Heights  Journal (A) (C) (F) (W)
Quincy  Quincy Herald-Whig (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Rantoul  Rantoul Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
River Forest  Forest Leaves (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Riverside  Landmark (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Riverside  Riverside Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Robinson  Robinson Daily News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Rochelle  Rochelle News-Leader (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Rock Island  Rock Island Argus (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Rockford  Rock River Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Rockford  Rockford Register Star (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Romeoville  Romeoville Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Roselle  Roselle Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Saint Charles  Kane County Chronicle (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Saint Joseph  St. Joseph Leader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Savanna  Savanna Times-Journal (A) (C) (W)
Shelbyville  Shelbyville Daily Union (A) (C) (F) (W)
Sidell  Sidell Reporter (A) (C) (F) (W)
Skokie  Skokie Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Springfield  Illinois Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Springfield  State Journal-Register (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Staunton  Staunton Star-Times (A) (C) (W)
Sterling  Prairie Advocate (A) (C) (F) (W) (V)
Sterling  Sterling Daily Gazette (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Stickney  Stickney Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Streamwood  Streamwood Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Sullivan  News Progress (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Summit  Desplaines Valley News (A) (C) (F) (W)
Sumner  Sumner Press (A) (C) (F) (W)
Taylorville  Breeze Courier (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Teutopolis  Teutopolis Press (A) (C) (W)
Tinley Park  Daily Southtown (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Tinley Park  Tinley Junction (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Tonica  Tonica News (A) (C) (W)
Toulon  Stark County News (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Trenton  Trenton Sun (A) (C) (F) (W)
Vandalia  Vandalia Leader-Union (A) (C) (F) (W)
Vernon Hills  Vernon Hills Review (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Vienna  Vienna Times (A) (C) (F) (W)
Villa Park  Villa Park Argus (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Warrenville  Warrenville Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Washington  Washington Courier (A) (C) (F) (W)
Washington  Washington Times-Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Waterloo  Republic-Times (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Watseka  Iroquois County Time-Republic (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Waukegan  Lake County News-Sun (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
West Chicago  West Chicago Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Westchester  Westchester Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Western Springs  Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Westmont  Westmont Progress (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Wheaton  Wheaton Leader (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Willow Springs  Willow Springs Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Willowbrook  Willowbrook Suburban Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Wilmette  Wilmette Beacon (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Wilmette  Wilmette Life (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Wilmington  Free Press Advocate (A) (C) (F) (W)
Winfield  Winfield Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Winnetka  Winnetka Current (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Winnetka  Winnetka Talk (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V) (I)
Wood Dale  Wood Dale Press (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Woodford  Woodford Courier (A) (C) (F) (W)
Woodridge  Woodridge Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Woodstock  Woodstock Independent (A) (C) (F) (T) (W) (V)
Worth  Reporter (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Yorkville  Kendall County Record (A) (C) (F) (T) (W)
Zion  Zion-Benton News (A) (C) (W)


Untitled Document Chicago  Chicago Parent (F) (T) (V)
Chicago  Golf Chicago (F) (T)
Darien  Chicago Suburban Family
Indian Head Park  Chicago Golf Report (F)
Springfield  Welcome Springfield
Statewide  Illinois Country Living (F) (T) (V)
Statewide  Illinois Times (F) (T) (V)

College Newspapers

Untitled Document Columbia College  Chronicle (F) (T) (V)
DePaul  DePaulia (F) (T) (V)
Eastern Illinois Univ  Eastern News (F) (T) (V)
Illinois Institute of Technology  Tech News (F) (T)
Illinois State Univ  Daily Vidette (F) (T) (V)
Northern Illinois Univ  Northern Star (F) (T) (V)
Northwestern Univ  Daily Northwestern (F) (T) (V)
SIU Carbondale  Daily Egyptian (F) (T) (V)
SIU Edwardsville  Alestle (F) (T) (V)
Univ of Chicago  Chicago Maroon (F) (T)
Univ of IL Urbana  Orange and Blue Observer (F)
Univ of Illinois  Illini (F) (T) (V)
Univ of Illinois Chicago  UIC News (F) (T) (V)
Univ of Illinois Springfield  The Journal
Western Illinois Univ  Western Courier (F) (T)

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