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Radio Stations by State

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Radio Stations

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Albertville WQSB 105.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Andalusia WAAO 103.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Andalusia WFXX 107.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Arab WAFN 92.7 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T)
Athens WKAC 1080 AM   Classic (S) (E) (F) (T)
Athens WVNN 770 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Auburn WEGL 91.1 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WATV 900 AM   Urban (S) (E)
Birmingham WBFR 89.5 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F)
Birmingham WBHJ 95.7 FM   HipHop/RnB (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WBHK 98.7 FM   R&B/Classic Soul (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WBHM 90.3 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F)
Birmingham WBPT 106.9 FM   Classic Hits (S) (E) (F)
Birmingham WDJC 93.7 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WEZZ 97.3 FM   Adult Hits (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WGIB 91.9 FM   Christian (S) (E) (T) (V)
Birmingham WJOX 94.5 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Birmingham WLJR 88.5 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WMJJ 96.5 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WQEN 103.7 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Birmingham WUHT 107.7 FM   RnB (S) (E) (F) (T)
Birmingham WVSU 91.1 FM   Smooth Jazz (S) (E) (F)
Birmingham WZRR 99.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (T)
Birmingham WZZK 104.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Cullman WKUL 92.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Demopolis WMBV 91.9 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F)
Dothan WIZB 94.3 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T)
Dothan WKMX 106.7 FM   Adult Top 40 (S) (E) (F)
Dothan WOOF 99.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E)
Dothan WTVY 95.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Enterprise WDJR 96.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F)
Fayette WLDX 990 AM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Fayette WTXT 98.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Florence WBCF 1240 AM   News (S) (E) (F)
Florence WQLT 107.3 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Fruithurst WCKS 102.7 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Hartselle WTAK 106.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Huntsville WAHR 99.1 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WAYH 88.1 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Huntsville WDRM 102.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Huntsville WEKI 94.7 FM   Talk/Sports (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WEUP 103.1 FM   HipHop/RnB (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Huntsville WJAB 90.9 FM   Jazz (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WJOU 90.1 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WLRH 89.3 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T)
Huntsville WRSA 96.9 FM   Lite Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Huntsville WRTT 95.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WTKI 92.9 FM   Talk/Sports (S) (E) (F)
Huntsville WTWX 95.9 FM   Country (S) (E)
Huntsville WUMP 730 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Huntsville WYFD 91.7 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Huntsville WZYP 104.3 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Jacksonville WLJS 91.9 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (V)
Mobile WBLX 92.9 FM   Urban (S) (E) (F) (T)
Mobile WHIL 91.3 FM   Classical (S) (E) (F) (T)
Mobile WKSJ 94.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Mobile WLVM 98.3 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Mobile WMXC 99.9 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Mobile WNSP 105.5 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Mobile WNTM 710 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Mobile WRKH 96.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Mobile WZEW 92.1 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Montgomery WANI 1400 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WBAM 98.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WJWZ 97.9 FM   RnB/HipHop (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Montgomery WLBF 89.1 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WLWI 92.3 FM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Montgomery WMSP 740 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WMXS 103.3 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WVAS 90.7 FM   Jazz (S) (E) (F) (T)
Montgomery WXFX 95.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F)
Opp WOPP 1290 AM   Community (S) (E) (F)
Roanoke WLWE 1360 AM   News/Sports (S) (E)
Selma WAPR 88.3 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T)
Selma WAQU 91.1 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T)
Selma WDXX 100.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Sheffield WAKD 89.9 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T)
Troy WTBF 94.7 FM   Community (S) (E) (F)
Tuscaloosa WTUG 92.9 FM   Urban (S) (E) (F) (T)
Tuscaloosa WUAL 91.5 FM   Jazz (S) (E) (F) (T)
Tuscaloosa WVUA 90.7 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)

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