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Radio Stations by State

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Radio Stations

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Ann Arbor WAAM 1600 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F)
Ann Arbor WCBN 88.3 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Ann Arbor WQKL 107.1 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E) (F) (T)
Ann Arbor WTKA 1050 AM   Sports/Talk (S) (E) (F)
Ann Arbor WUOM 91.7 FM   News (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Ann Arbor WWWW 102.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Benton Harbor WHFB 99.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Berrien Springs WAUS 90.7 FM   Classical (S) (E) (F) (T)
Cassopolis WGTO 910 AM   Oldies (S) (E) (F)
Detroit WCHB 1200 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WCSX 94.7 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WDET 101.9 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WDFN 1130 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WDMK 105.9 FM   Urban AC (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WDRQ 93.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WDTK 1400 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WDTW 106.7 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WDVD 96.3 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WDZH 98.7 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WHFR 89.3 FM   Henry Ford College (S) (E) (F)
Detroit WJLB 97.9 FM   HipHop/R&B (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WJR 760 AM   News Talk (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WKQI 95.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WMGC 105.1 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WMXD 92.3 FM   Urban Contemporary (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WNIC 100.3 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WOMC 104.3 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WPON 1460 AM   Oldies (S) (E)
Detroit WPZR 102.7 FM   Gospel (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WRCJ 90.9 FM   Classical/Jazz (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WRIF 101.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Detroit WWJ 950 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WXYT 1270 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Detroit WYCD 99.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Flint WCRZ 107.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Flint WFBE 95.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Flint WQUS 103.1 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Flint WRCL 93.7 FM   HipHop/RnB (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Flint WWBN 101.5 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WBBL 107.3 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WBCT 93.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WBFX 101.3 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WCSG 91.3 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WFGR 98.7 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WGRD 97.9 FM   Alt Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WHTS 105.3 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WLAV 96.9 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F)
Grand Rapids WLHT 95.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WOOD AM 1300 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WSNX 104.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Grand Rapids WSRW 105.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (V)
Grand Rapids WTKG 1230 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WTNR 94.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Grand Rapids WTRV 100.5 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Grand Rapids WYCE 88.1 FM   Community Radio (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Houghton WMTU 91.9 FM   Michigan Tech Uni (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Houghton Lake WUPS 98.5 FM   Classic Hits (S) (E) (F)
Howell WHMI 93.5 FM   Classic Hits (S) (E) (F) (T)
Interlochen WIAA 88.7 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T)
Jackson WIBM 1450 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F)
Jackson WJKN 89.3 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T)
Jackson WSAE 106.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Kalamazoo WQLR 1660 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F)
Kalamazoo WQXC 100.9 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F)
Lansing WDBM 88.9 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Lansing WFMK 99.1 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Lansing WHZZ 101.7 FM   Adult Hits (S) (E) (F) (T)
Lansing WITL 100.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Lansing WJIM 97.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Lansing WKAR AM 870 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Lansing WKAR FM 90.5 FM   Michigan St Univ (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Lansing WMMQ 94.9 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Marquette WKQS 101.9 FM   Lite Rock (S) (E) (F)
Marquette WMQT 107.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Midland WUGN 99.7 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Mount Pleasant WCFX 95.3 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Muskegon WKBZ 1090 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F)
Muskegon WMRR 101.7 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Muskegon WMUS 107.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Petoskey WJML 1110 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F)
Petoskey WLXT 96.3 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F)
Saginaw WHNN 96.1 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Saginaw WILZ 104.5 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Saginaw WIOG 102.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Saginaw WKQZ 93.3 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Sault Sainte Marie WSOO 1230 AM   Talk (S) (E)
Traverse City WICA 91.5 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T)
Traverse City WJZQ 92.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Traverse City WMKT 1270 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Ypsilanti WEMU 89.1 FM   Jazz (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)

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