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Radio Stations by State

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Radio Stations

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Allentown WAEB 104.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Allentown WCTO 96.1 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Allentown WDIY 88.1 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T)
Allentown WLEV 100.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Allentown WMUH 91.7 FM   Muhlenberg Coll (S) (E) (F) (T)
Allentown WODE 99.9 FM   Classic Hits (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Allentown WWYY 107.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Allentown WZZO 95.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Altoona WJSM 92.7 FM   Christian (S) (E)
Bloomsburg WHLM 930 AM   News/Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T)
Butler WBUT 1050 AM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Canton WHGL 100.3 FM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Du Bois WDSN 106.5 FM   Pop Music (S) (E) (F)
Erie WERG 90.5 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T)
Erie WQLN 91.3 FM   NPR (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Erie WRTS 103.7 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Gettysburg WGTY 107.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Harrisburg WHKF 99.3 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Harrisburg WHP 580 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Harrisburg WHYL 960 AM   Adult Standards (S) (E)
Harrisburg WITF 89.5 FM   Classical (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Harrisburg WLPA 92.7 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Harrisburg WROZ 101.3 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Johnstown WWGE 1400 AM   Talk (S) (E)
Lancaster WLAN 96.9 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Levittown WBCB 1490 AM   Local Sports (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Lewisburg WGRC 91.3 FM   Religious (S) (E) (F) (T)
Meadville WARC 90.3 FM   Allegheny College (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Millersville WIXQ 91.7 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia KYW 1060 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WBEB 101.1 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F)
Philadelphia WBEN 95.7 FM   Adult Hits (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WDAS 105.3 FM   Urban Adult (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WFIL 560 AM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WHAT 1340 AM   Spanish (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WHYY 90.9 FM   News Talk (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WIOQ 102.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WIP 610 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WISX 106.1 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WKDN 950 AM   Christian (S) (E) (F)
Philadelphia WKDU 91.7 FM   Drexel Univ (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WMGK 102.9 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WMMR 93.3 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WNJC 1360 AM   Variety (S) (E) (F)
Philadelphia WNPV 1440 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WNTP 990 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WNWR 1540 AM   News/Talk (S) (E)
Philadelphia WOGL 98.1 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WPEB 88.1 FM   Freeform (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WPHE 690 AM   Spanish (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WPHT 1210 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WRDW 96.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WRFF 104.5 FM   Modern Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WRNB 100.3 FM   Urban (S) (E) (F)
Philadelphia WRTI 90.1 FM   Jazz (S) (E) (F)
Philadelphia WUSL 98.9 FM   RnB/HipHop (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Philadelphia WXPN 88.5 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E) (F) (T)
Philadelphia WXTU 92.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh KDKA 1020 AM   News (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh KQV 1410 AM   News (S) (E)
Pittsburgh STAR 100.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WAMO 660 AM   Urban (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WDDZ 1250 AM   Childrens Radio (S) (E)
Pittsburgh WDSY 107.9 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh WDVE 102.5 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WESA 90.5 FM   Public Radio (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh WJAS 1320 AM   Nostalgia (S) (E)
Pittsburgh WKST 96.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (T)
Pittsburgh WLTJ 92.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WPGB 104.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (T)
Pittsburgh WPTS 92.1 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh WQED 89.3 FM   Classical (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh WRCT 88.3 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Pittsburgh WRRK 96.9 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F)
Pittsburgh WSHH 99.7 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WWSW 94.5 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WXDX 105.9 FM   Modern Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WYEP 91.3 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E) (F) (T)
Pittsburgh WZUM 1550 AM   Urban Oldies (S) (E)
Reading WBYN 107.5 FM   Christian Radio (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Reading WEEU 830 AM   Talk (S) (E) (F) (V)
Scranton WEZX 106.9 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Scranton WSJR 93.7 FM   Country (S) (E) (F)
Scranton WUSR 99.5 FM   Variety (S) (E) (F) (T)
Stroudsburg WSBG 93.5 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Sunbury WKOK 1070 AM   News/Talk/Sports (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Troy WTZN 1310 AM   Oldies (S) (E)
Uniontown WMBS 590 AM   Nostalgia (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
University Park WPSU 91.5 FM   NPR/PRI (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
West Chester WCUR 91.7 FM   W Chester Univ (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Wilkes Barre WBHT 97.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Wilkes Barre WBSX 97.9 FM   Alt Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Wilkes Barre WKRZ 98.5 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E)
Wilkes Barre WKRZ 98.5 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Wilkes Barre WMGS 92.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F)
York WSBA 910 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F)
York WSOX 96.1 FM   Oldies (S) (E) (F)

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