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South Carolina
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Radio Stations by State

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Radio Stations

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Aiken WKSP 96.3 FM   RnB (S) (E) (F) (T)
Charleston WCKN 92.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Charleston WMGL 107.3 FM   Classic Soul (S) (E) (F)
Charleston WSSX 95.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F)
Charleston WTMA 1250 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Charleston WWWZ 93.3 FM   HipHop/RnB (S) (E) (F) (T)
Charleston WXST 99.7 FM   Urban Adult (S) (E) (F)
Clemson WCCP 105.5 FM   Sports (S) (E) (F)
Clemson WSBF 88.1 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Columbia WCOS AM 1400 AM   Sports (S) (E)
Columbia WCOS FM 97.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Columbia WISW 1320 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F)
Columbia WLTY 96.7 FM   Adult Hits (S) (E) (F) (T)
Columbia WLXC 103.1 FM   Urban Contemporary (S) (E) (F) (T)
Columbia WMHK 89.7 FM   Christian (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Columbia WNOK 104.7 FM   Hit Music (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Columbia WOMG 98.5 FM   Oldies (S) (E)
Columbia WVOC 100.1 FM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Columbia WWNU 92.1 FM   Adult Alt (S) (E) (F) (T)
Columbia WXBT 560 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (T)
Columbia WXRY 99.3 FM   Adult Alternative (S) (E) (F) (T)
Gaffney WYFG 91.1 FM   Religion (S) (E) (F) (T)
Georgetown WGTN 1400 AM   News Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WESC 92.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WFBC 93.7 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WGTK 94.5 FM   Conservative Talk (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Greenville WHZT 98.1 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WJMZ 107.3 FM   Urban Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WORD 950 AM   Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WROQ 101.1 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WSPA 98.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WSSL 100.5 FM   Country (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Greenville WTBI 91.5 FM   Christian (S) (E)
Greenville WTPT 93.3 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenville WYRD 106.3 FM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Greenwood WCRS 1450 AM   News/Talk (S) (E) (F) (T) (V)
Laurens WLBG 860 AM   Variety (S) (E) (F)
Myrtle Beach WEZV 105.9 FM   Easy Listen (S) (E)
Myrtle Beach WKZQ 96.1 FM   Alternative (S) (E) (F)
Myrtle Beach WMYB 92.1 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F)
Myrtle Beach WRNN 99.5 FM   Talk (S) (E) (F) (T)
Myrtle Beach WWXM 97.7 FM   Top 40 (S) (E) (F) (T)
Myrtle Beach WYAV 104.1 FM   Classic Rock (S) (E)
Myrtle Beach WYNA 104.9 FM   Adult Contemp (S) (E) (F) (T)
North Myrtle Beach WNMB 900 AM   Oldies (S) (E) (F) (T)
Savannah WAGP 88.7 FM   Christian Contemp (S) (E)
Savannah WFXH 106.1 FM   Rock (S) (E) (F) (T)
Spartanburg WSPG 1400 AM   ESPN Sports (S) (E) (F) (T)

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