Expected changes in traditional media and social media

Major Changes in Social and Traditional Media Expected in 2024

Nic Newman, a senior research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, recently highlighted upcoming trends and predictions for journalism in a new research report.

During a session at the ICFJ Crisis Reporting Forum, he shared insights on the future of media, especially concerning technology.

Newman shared a concerning statistic: fewer than half of the people surveyed feel optimistic about journalism’s future in the coming year, with many expressing significant doubt.

Here are three key predictions from Newman’s research for journalism in 2024:

Social and traditional media will undergo significant changes

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According to Newman, 2024 will witness a shift in the relationship between social media and traditional media.

Influencers are becoming more prominent, making it more likely for their content to be seen and shared compared to traditional media outlets.

The rise of video-focused platforms like TikTok and YouTube has changed how news is distributed, moving away from platforms like Facebook.

Publishers are adapting by finding new ways to connect with audiences, such as using WhatsApp to distribute personalized news.

AI will significantly disrupt journalism

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AI’s impact on journalism is a major concern, with fears about how it might affect the creation of content and the trust between journalists and their audiences.

There are worries that AI could undermine journalistic integrity and replace traditional ways of searching for news.

Newman emphasized the uncertainty surrounding AI’s influence on the news industry, noting it depends on how publishers adapt to these changes.

The search for new funding models for traditional media

Publishers find various models of funding

Publishers are exploring innovative funding models, including offering bundled subscriptions that combine different types of content.

This approach helps reduce the number of people cancelling their subscriptions.

The issue of funding is crucial as it affects who has access to news, raising concerns about democracy.

Newman noted the importance of finding ways to support journalism that informs the public’s democratic decisions.

He suggested that publishers will seek more direct connections with their audiences, emphasizing the significance of this year in setting the stage for the next decade.

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